Community Services

The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office strives to develop community service programs that promote safety and well-being for the citizens of the Murray and Calloway County area.

Project ChildSafe
A nationwide program whose purpose is to promote safe firearms handling and storage practices by partnering with governors, lieutenant governors, U.S. Attorneys, community leaders and law enforcement to distribute free safety kits to gun owners in all states in order to promote safe storage of firearms in the home.

The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office has been participating in Project ChildSafe, by distributing free gun locks since 2002.

Fatal - Vision
Fatal-Vision is a program we offer to both high school age and older. This program helps promote safe driving and drug and alcohol awareness. Through the use of two sets of special goggles, the participant’s vision is increasingly impaired much the same as it would be if they were using drugs or alcohol.

While wearing the goggles, the participant is asked to perform some simple tasks. Placing a cup of water on the corner of a table, walking a straight line, dribbling a basketball, etc. This program provides "fun with a purpose". This program is very popular at area high schools and is often requested by our School Resource Officers (SRO).

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